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Kid Governor Blog

  Hi everyone, I am Charlie Olsen and I am the new NH Kid Governor. I love everything about New Hampshire. I thought I had the perfect life, but back towards the beginning of the quarantine I became depressed.   I had constant stomach pains and couldn’t eat, my body ached and I cried myself to sleep at night.  My parents took me to several doctors and they diagnosed me with Situational Depression.  My body pains were caused by a connection between my mind and my body.   My parents decided to create a “QuaranTeam” with my best friend Conner.  We were both still quarantining at our homes, but Conner came over to my house a couple of times a week to play socially-distanced outside.  Conner was also struggling with depression, so we helped each other slowly recover by just talking about our feelings.  Having a trusted friend I could talk to helped so much.  It was great to know that we weren’t alone.  I want everyone reading this to know that if you are feeling sad or depressed that you do