Kid Governor Summer Blog Entry

Hi All! I hope that you are having a great summer!  I hope that you are all feeling refreshed and excited to head back to school again soon, however that may look for you!  I have been busy relaxing and having fun with family and friends, including some great baseball camps!  I have also been super busy with lots of Kid Governor stuff!  At the end of May, I was teamed up with Chief Justice John Broderick as presenters at the Magnify Voices Expressive Arts Contest Award Ceremony at Tupelo Music Hall in Derry.  We were also two of the judges for the middle school entries.  The kids that entered the contest did some amazing work!  There was a huge range of entries from essays, poems, songs, drawings, paintings and more! June was a super busy month as Kid Governor!  We had the opportunity to get together with the entire Kid Governor organization!  My Executive Council and I got to meet and share ideas with all of the Kid Governors and their councils at our Leadership Summit on June 12.  We

Kid Governor Blog

  Hi everyone, I am Charlie Olsen and I am the new NH Kid Governor. I love everything about New Hampshire. I thought I had the perfect life, but back towards the beginning of the quarantine I became depressed.   I had constant stomach pains and couldn’t eat, my body ached and I cried myself to sleep at night.  My parents took me to several doctors and they diagnosed me with Situational Depression.  My body pains were caused by a connection between my mind and my body.   My parents decided to create a “QuaranTeam” with my best friend Conner.  We were both still quarantining at our homes, but Conner came over to my house a couple of times a week to play socially-distanced outside.  Conner was also struggling with depression, so we helped each other slowly recover by just talking about our feelings.  Having a trusted friend I could talk to helped so much.  It was great to know that we weren’t alone.  I want everyone reading this to know that if you are feeling sad or depressed that you do